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Parkview Tower Beijing

The property is managed for the owners by Atlantic Property Management Company.


This page is dedicated to Parkview Tower, the apartment complex where Helge and Mary Stavonhagen lived in Beijing.

Parkview Tower consists of three towers containing 266 apartments. The property is owned by individuals and companies who are represented by the PTOC (Parkview Tower Owners' Committee) which oversees the property management company. Several of the units are owned by embassies or international corporations but the vast majority of the units is owned by private individuals who invested in China's future very early in the firm conviction that this area adjoining Chaoyang Park in Beijing will develop into a 'Central Park of New York'-like location. The property's construction was completed in 1996 and the first tenants moved into Parkview Tower on May 1st. Their names: Helge & Mary Stavonhagen.


Our Feng Shui
          fountain............  East Gate (Entrance)  East Gate  Tenants at
          the East Gate  Our
          good luck fountain....... 

Flowers.....  flowers.....  ...more

Le Petit Sidewalk
          Cafe........  Our little
          French cafe  Our
          little French Cafe.........

Parkview Tower and
          Kingda in the winter.....  Parkview
          Tower in a winter mood........  Our neighbor's gate  Parkview Tower road  West Gate (Exit)



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